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A service tradition.

Now Verified by the Veteran's Administration as an official Veteran-Owned Small Business

What clients are saying...

"Brad has been a creative and extremely reliable writing and interviewing resource for more than five years. He always approaches his work with the final goal in mind: to persuade buyers through compelling customer stories."

David Sroka, President/CEO, Point of Reference

Quality Content at Competitive Prices from a Copywriter Who Makes Your Life Easier

If you’re a marketing or customer reference program professional, you’re reading this because you need quality content. And lots of it. And you want that polished copy to show up in your inbox, on time, and with a minimal time investment from you.


That’s the value I deliver.


  • Quality, on-the-mark, B2B content that your prospects crave—Specific, no fluff, credible

  • B2B marketing experience—I understand the long sales cycle and group decision making

  • Multi-industry expertise: High Tech (software, electric vehicles, data storage, data centers,) Healthcare, Telecom, Financial Services, and more

  • Demonstrated record of writing success for Fortune 1000, private and public companies

Marketing Content Creation Services

I didn’t realize it at the time, but in graduate school, my professors taught me to write long-form copy. State a thesis, then make, and support, a logical argument. And weave it all into a compelling story. That winning formula still serves my clients today.


Over the years, I’ve written the gamut of B2B marketing content, from ads to white papers. Marketers like you use my copy to educate, inform, engage and motivate prospects to take action. Actions such as: Likes, Shares, Downloads, Emails and Calls. By giving your prospects the quality content they crave, I help you establish your company as a go-to expert in your industry.


Customer Reference Content Creation Services

I’m a natural at collecting gold-ore content from your happy customers. I then heap it into my creative furnace to purify it into 24-carat copy and quotes. That’s but one thing I do to make your stories resonate with your audiences. So when they read your case study/success story or watch your video/testimonial, they are gripped by a no-nonsense story about how you helped real-world customers overcome their challenges. To then live happily ever after.

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