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White Papers Deliver the Boomiest Bang for Your Marketing Buck

Empirical evidence confirms that white papers are the most valuable content that you can offer to your prospects and customers in the sales process.

Take a recent collateral survey report1 for example. It revealed that among B2B technology buyers, white papers:

  • Are the most consumed content type (49%, p. 7)
  • Are among the top collateral consumed during all four phases of the sales process: Pre-sales phase-27% (3rd); Initial sales phase-36% (1st); Mid-sales phase-26% (4th); Final sales phase-12% (3rd) (p. 23)
  • Are the most influential content type among decision makers (49%, p. 9)
  • The second-most influential content type among influencers (49%, p. 9), and
  • The most influential content type overall during the purchase process (p. 10)

Quality content fuels the bang

In my experience, tech buyers are a logical, left-brained lot. So when they download your enticingly-titled white paper, their hopes are high that you'll give them quality information to guide their decision. It is well worth the effort to meet their standards.

That's because quality content:
  • Influences decision makers
  • Prompts readers to share it with colleagues
  • Promotes your goal to generate leads, opportunities and sales
  • Establishes your firm as a trusted expert in your target markets

So, when it comes to it, just what is quality white paper content?

Respondents to an IDG Enterprise survey answer this question.

1. Little or no marketing hype/buzzwords (p. 3)

2. The inclusion of independent, unbiased information. (p. 3)

3. Detailed information. (p. 3)

Why hire me to write your big-bang white papers?

  • You get quality content that your prospects will consume, share and act upon.
    • I don't use marketing hype or buzzwords. Instead, I develop logical arguments in favor of viable solutions to the challenges your readers face.

    • I conduct extensive research to dig up credible, third-party studies and content. Then I cite those references and use them to honestly support my arguments. By honestly, I mean that I don't shoehorn references. Nor do I cherry pick. I simply use an academic, "just the facts" approach to cultivate a perception of neutrality among your prospects.

      Some of my projects include content about my clients' products and services. In these cases, I segregate that content in the form of a Part II. The demarcation and separation of vendor content supports the perception of unbiased copy in the preceding discussion.

    • I use detailed information to connect the dots for your readers. So in one white paper I wrote, I didn't just say that "clearly marking a syringe" combats medication errors. I specified that the markings should be of a certain font, size and color. And I included images comparing a poorly-marked syringe to a clearly-marked one.

    • I educate and hold your readers' interest with relevant graphics. I develop, create and insert relevant graphics (charts, tables, diagrams) to aid my explanation of complex concepts and technologies.

  • Proven ability to deliver polished content to your inbox--on time and on budget.

  • No hand-holding from you. Demonstrated self-starter who completes project phases with a minimal time investment from you.

  • We speak the same language. I understand why, how, when and where, marketers use white papers. That means we hit the ground running to help you build your reputation, make your prospects' vendor short lists and close sales.

What are my next steps?

Choose the option(s) that best serve your needs.

Option #1: I want to look over your LinkedIn profile.

View my profile on LinkedIn

Option #2: I want to see samples of white papers that you've written

My client hired me to create a content marketing white paper to help cross-sell a solution to existing customers. I researched third-party citations to enhance the credibility of the piece and support my client's position. I also concepted and created accompanying charts, tables and graphics to add visual interest and to promote readers’ understanding of the topic.


  • Sample #2: High-tech-Why and how property managers benefit from installing electric vehicle chargers.

    My client hired me to write this white paper to help generate leads, opportunities and sales among property owners for the company’s electric vehicle support services. The 3,000 word document includes industry-specific research and citations along with charts, tables and graphics that I developed. This was the third in a series of white papers targeting different market segments.

  • Sample #3: High-tech Services-How utility industry trends are driving cybersecurity.

    I wrote this 3,500 word paper to position the client as a thought leader on utility facility cybersecurity. It details major trends shaping cybersecurity for utilities companies. It also expresses strong opinions about the ramifications of these trends for industry executives. Finally, it offers a strategic/tactical framework to address the issue of cybersecurity which positions HP as the go-to source for such services. I also wrote an e-newsletter article to complement and promote the viewpoint paper.

Option #3: I want to learn more about you and how you can help me create white papers that get read, shared and acted upon.

  • Email me with your questions. Or to schedule a conference call.

  • Call me at: 303-255-4944303-255-4944. GMT -7, Mountain Time, USA
1 Loe, Lorie, "B2B Technology Content Survey Report," Eccolo Media. 2014.