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 Client Summary

Case Study

Case Study

CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL)

Kingston Technologies

This 850-word case study tells the story of how a hospitality-industry customer leverages the client’s telecom services to be more competitive. I interviewed the end user to develop the story slant, identify key benefits & metrics and capture “must-use-this” quotes. The submitted copy received minimal edits from my client and their customer.

Data centers gobble energy like small cities. So any technologies that help managers reduce their usage cuts costs and reduces headaches. This is the story of a company that puts together low-energy-consumption servers. They use the client’s low-energy solid state drives, and they’re a great product. The compelling story for datacenter managers is that implementing low-power servers, based on low-power components, makes a dramatic difference in their operational costs.

Success Story

CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL)

This  1-page success story creates a warm and fuzzy with small-to-medium-sized businesses. It summarizes the core challenge, my client's solution and the top two benefits the end user gained.


Reference Video

CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL)

As the shoot  interviewer/producer I captured the rubber-meets-the-road content for this video. Point of Reference did a superb job of completing the polished video.

I partnered with The Optera Group to conduct interviews with Microsoft Dynamics CRM users.

From this we developed core messaging themes and captured specific measurable results. Based on this information I wrote a Vertical Industry Case Study.

I also wrote a METRICS-RICH ROI CASE STUDY that earned an award from Nucleus Research.

Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT)

Microsoft managers wanted to leverage their success in the banking industry to demonstrate their competence in this space to prospects.

Microsoft strategists wanted to provide proof of the demonstrated performance of their CRM customer. This ROI case study features the significant financial benefits that ISS Belgium achieves from their use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The story I wrote was so compelling that it earned an award from Nucleus Research.

Application Study

I interviewed Polycom SMEs to identify central features/benefits messages. I then leveraged case studies to provide real-world proof points supporting each message.

Polycom, Inc.

(Nasdaq: PLCM )

I wrote this application study to demonstrate Polycom's history of success in implementing its products in the media space.