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Many Skills Combine to Deliver Your Quality Customer Reference Video

Project Manager

  • Coordinate with film crew to ensure that the technical aspects of the shoot are settled beforehand
  • Ensure day-of-shoot requirements are met. A quiet location, covered-lighting, seating etc.
  • Ensure that everyone arrives at the right place at the right time



  • Identify and articulate your desired story slant
  • Tweak interview question guide to unearth content that supports your key messages, verticals and products
  • Complete pre-interview call with customer to discuss questions, provide general coaching on answers and expectations about proper attire
  • Create list of desired b-roll clips


Documentary Filmmaker

  • Double-check everything such as lighting, interviewee seating, position relative to camera, that both a boom and lav sound recording is made etc.
  • Establish & maintain rapport with interviewee and guide them through interview
  • Capture core content and ask probative follow-up questions to grab make-the-story-sizzle details
  • Capture targeted b-roll—Give cameraperson direction and accompany them until desired content is secured


Content Editor

  • Create an edit decision list for video content
  • Provide direction to video editor
  • Specify b-roll clip placement
  • Review edited content and make tweaks as/when needed