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Quality Content to Engage Your Customers and Showcase Your Expertise

My Marketing Content Creation services are designed to help you get the most out of your copywriting investment.


B2B Marketing Copy Consultation [Free]

We’ll begin with the end in mind. What content do you want to produce, why do you want it and how will you use it? Armed with this information, additional research and my industry experience, I align your goals with the content I create for you. I even help clients fully amortize the cost of creating content by suggesting ways to repurpose it. For example, a white paper’s main sections are excellent subjects for a series of blog posts.


Completion of a Creative Brief [Free]

After discussing your project, needs and goals, you will receive a written proposal. The creative brief will include the project Scope of Work (deliverable type, # of words, tone, style, etc.) And of course, you’ll receive a competitively priced price quote.


Submission of Polished Content Requiring Minimal Edits from You [Not Free at all]

You’ll receive meet-or-exceeds-your-expectations copy on or before the date we agree upon. That’s because I:


  • Research your company, customers and industry. I also find and reference third-party studies, surveys and industry experts to bolster the credibility of your content
  • Write, revise and polish final copy
  • Emphasis on delivering value to your readers
  • Focus on call to action to promote: Downloads, Page Views, Shares, Likes, Emails and Calls
  • Develop and create graphics (charts, tables, figures), where appropriate, to add visual interest to your content as well as aid in the explanation of complex ideas


Marketing Content Deliverables




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  • Phone: 303-521-7193. GMT -7, Mountain Time, USA