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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What type of writing do you do?


A: I write/produce B2B marketing and customer reference content.


--Marketing Content deliverables: White papers, brochures, newsletters and most everything else that marketers put into words or film.


--Customer Reference Content deliverables: Case studies, success stories, customer interviews (audio & video)


Q: In what industries do you have expertise and experience?


A: --High-tech (telecom, IT, IT storage, IS, software)


     --Renewable energy (electric vehicles)

     --Financial services

     --Business (finance, processes, ROI and planning)

Q: Are you a good B2B content writer and consultant?


A: When you hire me, you get over 10 years of professional writing experience. My work has earned repeat business from Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, CenturyLink, AmerisourceBergen and First Data. And it's earned awards.

Q: Are you dependable?


A: I would credit much of my success as a freelance writer to my Office Rules: Rule #1: "Do what I say, when I say I'll do it the way I say I'll do it. Over the years, I've earned the trust and continued patronage of clients who value my reliability and professionalism."

Q: Are you easy to work with?


A: My clients tell me I am. When I was a marcom manager, I liked working with writers who were competent, didn't need their hands held and who were business-centric and results oriented.

I believe that these aren't the only things you have a right to expect from me. But they're a fantastic foundation.

Q: Do you charge reasonable fees?


A: My fees are competitive. That's because my "office" overlooks our vegetable garden and back yard. My overhead is minimal. And I pass the savings on to you. The bottom line is that you get first-grade copy and service at freelancer prices.

Q: How do I learn more?

A:    View my profile on LinkedIn
       Brad's voice communication device: 303-521-7193