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Use Your Customer Advocates to Slay the “Perceived-Vendor-Bias” Beast

A survey of 1,025 IT decision makers, revealed that over 80 percent of them have difficulty finding “trusted information” to make purchase decisions. And the number one reason for that is a “perception of vendor bias.” What that means to you, is that your prospects view your content through jaundiced-colored glasses.


That would explain why B2B marketers overwhelming (89 %) rate customer testimonials as “the most effective content marketing tactic.” Large majorities also favor the effectiveness of case studies (88%,) in-person events (82%,) and social media (70%.) And what these tactics all have in common is their use of customer reference content.


I keep you off the “vendor bias” radar

My goal is to deliver customer reference content that helps you generate leads, opportunities and sales. That means establishing your company as the go-to solution expert in your space. And it means giving your prospects content that:


  • Influences decision makers and influencers
  • Is credible to your readers
  • Motivates your prospects to act: Share, Comment, Download, and Like


That’s why I’ve developed a specialized skill set. One designed to help you cross the chasm between a skeptical prospect and a give-me-a-proposal opportunity.

Reference Ore Mining Interview Skills

Your 24-carat reference content begins life as customer experience ore. And digging up those engaging stories, heart-string-tugging anecdotes, and just-add-water-credible quotes, requires interviewing expertise.


I learned the interviewing fundamentals courtesy of the U.S. Army. Then, I spent over a decade honing those information-gathering skills in a marketing environment.


I even wrote a guide packed with all the secrets, tips and techniques that have made me so successful.


Download my free copy of How to Capture Content That Influences Decision Makers: A 10-step interview guide for marketing & PR professionals.


Storytelling Skills

In a survey of 740 B2B technology marketing professionals, 81.5 percent cited “Engaging and compelling storytelling” as the top element of “effective content.” [p. 6]


Writing well over 100 case studies and success stories has honed my story-telling skills. During that time, I developed a number of techniques and a writing style to create stories that engage and compel your prospects to act. [insert link to Engaging, Storytelling, compelling page]

Video Producer Skills & Services

Producing reference videos is like being a project manager, marketer, documentary filmmaker and content editor all in one. As a producer, I deliver a number of services in each discipline. This requires a commitment to sweating a lot of details. And it requires the finesse to capture and use great b-roll clips.

Powerful, persuasive, engaging videos are a result of bringing these elements together. Here are some samples of video content I’ve created. Note that the professional-grade video production work was completed by Point of Reference.


Reference video for solid state drive client


Reference video for telecom client 


B-roll is the whiskey chaser to your video beer. B-roll gives your video content a powerful double whammy. The b-roll shows what your products/services can do for them while your customer’s voiceover (tells) reinforces the point. However, in order to be effective, your b-roll must be directly applicable to what your voiceover is saying.


Note that the b-roll running from 0:48—1:08 in the telecom client video didn’t “just happen.” I carefully scripted each clip. The final b-roll shows the client’s solution capabilities, while the user tells that story in the voiceover.


Those are my skills. Read on to learn more about my services.


B2B Marketing Copy Consultation [Free]

We’ll begin with the end in mind. What content do you want to produce, why do you want it and how will you use it? Armed with this information, additional research and my industry experience, I align your goals with the content I create for you. I even help clients fully amortize the cost of creating content by suggesting ways to repurpose it. For example, a white paper’s main sections are excellent subjects for a series of blog posts.


Completion of a Creative Brief [Free]

After discussing your project, needs and goals, you will receive a written proposal. The creative brief will include the project Scope of Work (deliverable type, # of words, tone, style, etc.) And of course, you’ll receive a competitively priced price quote.


Submission of a Polished Deliverable [Not Free at all]

You’ll receive meet-or-exceeds-your-expectations copy on or before the date we agree upon. That’s because I:


  • Research your company, customers and industry. I also find and reference third-party studies, surveys and industry experts to promote your credibility
  • Interview your customer and SMEs as/if required
  • Write, revise and polish engaging, story-based copy that your readers find compelling


Customer Reference Content Deliverables



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