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Your Prospects are Consuming and Being Influenced by Case Studies

A collateral survey report, found that 48% of technology buyers found case studies to be very to extremely influential in their final purchasing decision.1

Moreover, 36% of IT buyers consume case studies throughout the sales cycle.2

Thus, an effective content marketing strategy includes case studies in its mix. Many companies make them readily available on their website knowing that many prospects search for them during the pre-sales and early-sales cycle segments. And salespeople leverage case studies throughout the sales process.

The reason case studies are so influential is because your prospects are people too. They've been burned. So they want to know that your company can cost-effectively solve their problems. The use of no-nonsense, metrics-rich, no-marketing-fluff case studies, help you bridge the gap between skepticism and putting you on the short list.

Three reasons why you want to talk to me about writing your case studies


1.  I write CREDIBLE content. That means penning interesting stories that your prospects will read and believe.

   Your tech-buying readers don't want to be bothered with marketing fluff so I don't write it. Instead, I lay out the story--the challenges the customer faced, the solution options they weighed, why they went with the solution they chose and what the benefits were.

   I let your customers tell their own story via quotes. Not, "Everything is sunshine," quotes, but concise, "this is why it was perfect for our needs," quotes.

   I use my skilled interviewing techniques to capture the hard-hitting story slants, metrics and just-add-water-credibility quotes that pique your readers' interest.


2. I create PERSUASIVE content to influence your prospect decision makers.

   My goal is for your reader to identify with your satisfied customer. And to have them see themselves achieving the same, or better, results using your solutions. So I use life experiences and phrases that resonate with readers.

   Qualifiers are ok ("They did a great job,") but metrics are better. ("Their solution reduced our turnaround time by 22 percent, allowing us to process more loans and increase our revenues by 34 percent."

3. I develop stories that are directly APPLICABLE to your readers' problems.

  I focus on the core business challenges your customers face along with the attendant financial and technical issues that go with it. As a result, your reference content has greater reach by being applicable across different target markets.

  I search out details, issues and benefits that your prospects are likely to face, and ignore, complex, one-off story lines.


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  • Phone: 303-255-4944303-255-4944. GMT -7, Mountain Time, USA

1. Loe, Lori, “2014 B2B Technology Content Survey Report.” Eccolo Media. 2014, p. 13.

2. Ibid, p. 7.